Christine Romanell


Christine Romanell was born in Paterson, NJ. Her work focuses on aperiodic patterns as they relate to the underlying structures of reality. She sets up systems of interference that generate new forms, mixing interactions such as painting, diffracted light, orthographic string projections, and rhombic tiling.


Her work has been exhibited in various venues throughout the United States, including: First Street Gallery (NYC), ArtPrize 7 (Grand Rapids , MI), Chashama, (NYC), MagnanMetz Gallery, (NYC), The Affordable Art Fair, (NYC), CWOW, (Newark, NJ), The Gateway Project, (Newark, NJ), Woman Made Gallery, (Chicago, IL), Fuse Art Infrastructure, (Allentown, PA), 14th Colony Show, (Salisbury, CT), and George Segal Gallery, (Montclair, NJ). Her work has been recently reviewed in the Star Ledger and the Asbury Press. She graduated with a BFA from The School of Visual Arts, (NYC), and MFA from Montclair State University, (Montclair, NJ). The artist currently lives and works in the NYC area.

photo by Samuel L. Vladimirsky

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