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Precision and Pattern Redux

Curated by Dr. Ginny Butera & Christine Soccio Romanell

Feb 3rd – April 10, 2016


Mahoney Art Gallery, 2 Convent Rd, Morristown, NJ


Featured artists: Nancy Baker, Gregory Coates, Steve DeFrank, , Stephen Douglass, Lisa Ficarelli-Halpern,  Guiseppe Munafo, Tom Nussbaum, Duane Romanell, Christine Soccio Romanell, Alexandra Schoenberg, Joel Simpson, Eric Valosin, Ken Weathersby

Precision and Pattern

Curated by Christine Soccio Romanell

September 10th – October 18, 2015


City Without Walls Gallery, 6 Crawford St, Newark NJ


The Pattern and Decoration Movement, considered to be the last major art movement of the late 20th century, was often marginalized by its perceived tie to feminist and non-western art because it utilized the methods of sensuality, pleasure, and provocation. Several decades have passed and now a new understanding of pattern has emerged beyond the narrow vision of the feminist lens and a false sense of western superiority.


There is something profound, mysterious and beautiful in the precision of patterns. Repetition of mental, mathematical and physical structures make up our perception of reality; and that reality is deeply altered by our perspective. Telescopes calculate the order of distance across the expanse of space while microscopes measure the tiniest of complexities, all invisible to the naked eye. Behavioral patterns give us insight into the human condition. Each discovery brings more understanding about our origins but also introduces new questions. The group exhibition “Precision & Pattern” investigates the journey to uncover the mysteries of order.


Featured artists: Leslie Adler, Nancy Baker, Gregory Coates, Steve DeFrank, Daniela Di Iorio, Stephen Douglass, Lisa Ficarelli-Halpern, Pat Lay, Jamie Levine, Christine Soccio Romanell, Alexandra Schoenberg

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