Christine Romanell


There is a beautiful, intricate dance that occurs in our brains in order to understand what we see. The eyes take in an image and almost instantaneously we decode and process patterns – looking for repetition. But what happens when we try to decipher something that appears to be more chaotic, such as an aperiodic pattern? Is chaos just another kind of order waiting to be discovered? If a pattern doesn’t repeat, but retains an unknown order, can chaos ever be truly understood?


These questions compelled me to research non-repeating patterns such as the two dimensional Penrose pattern, created in the 1970s. This then led me to the quasicrystal, its 3-dimensional sibling discovered in the 1980s. The quasicrystal is a crystalline structure that matches the Penrose tiling. Once considered impossible, this aperiodic crystal was first discovered in the lab and then later in a rare 4.6 billion year old meteorite. Current scientific research is focused on the unusual properties of this new form of matter concentrating on its thermal, electrical and light interactions.


My installations introduce interference to quasicrystal patterns, generating a formless formalism. New hybrid forms are created from the intermixing of periodic with the aperiodic. Combining established terrestrial methods of interaction such as diffracted light, and rhombic tiling with macro quasicrystal acrylic constructions, the unexpected emerges. With each piece, aperiodicty in its very complexity imparts a profound new meaning to the underlying structure of our reality.


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