Christine Romanell


What happens if a pattern doesn’t repeat but has long range order? My work investigates aperiodic patterns playing with point, line, shape and form. The repetition of difference is a means of transformation. Descriptive and evocative, pattern is an imitation of the infinite. The source material for the endless permutations of tessellation in my installations, sculptures and paintings can be found in girih tiles from the medieval Islamic period, the related quasicrystals discovered in a meteorite formed at the birth of our solar system, as well as the Penrose tiling in modern mathematics, chemistry and physics. With new discoveries in aperiodic structured material, innovations are being made in areas from thermodynamics to artificial intelligence. These patterns channel a deeper meaning that transcends the merely decorative. If quasicrystal patterns permeate such a wide span of time, material, and culture, could we be tapping into something much larger than ourselves? Carl Sagan once said, “We are all made of starstuff.” That longing for connection to the origins of creation is the driving force behind all my work.



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